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Quick Shots, that are basically quick reads from the world of alcohol, might just end up deepening your love for your favorite liquid, as it entertains and informs you in your ‘sober’ time

Unsung Heroes of India: Local Liquors

Okay, I don’t really understand the entire Indian 'sanskaari' notion of alcohol being a bad thing. All I had to do was brew the...

Did You Even Know About These Fine AF Liquor Brands?

We've already spoken about how our stock yet stunning alcohol bottles are prettier than us. This chapter talks about the exquisite, exemplary liquor bottles...

Drink These Facts: Quick Trivia About Your Favorite Liquor Bottles

We decided to dig into a little bottle history and boy, it’s mind-blowing! Here we go: Beer: Doesn’t the bottle look like a slender, fashionable,...

Festive High: Indian Occasions That Call For Some Serious Booze

Let's be clear at the very outset. No celebration is complete without booze. For all those who blame it all on 'new gen', hear...

5 Weirdest ‘Chakna’ Ideas Inspired By True Events

If alcohol is Karan, 'chakna' is Arjun (No offense Bhai fans); Chakna is Robin to a tall and handsome glass of scotch that's as...

6 Of The Most Disgusting Alcoholic Beverages You Can Ever Try

Alcohol, my one true love has shades of grey. Not just shades of grey, but pink, maroon and green, all of which taste like...

Sweet High: 5 Boozy Desserts You Can Make At Home

Some combinations are just meant to be. What happens when you bring alcohol and dessert together? It creates a match made in heaven! Here...
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Five Cocktails To Try At Bombay Canteen

Winning the Top Restaurant Awards in December 2018, Bombay Canteen has earned their wings with their exclusive take on cocktails and their...

3 Popular Beers at Doolally


Seven Beer Cocktails To Try In Mumbai

When it comes to cocktails, one can always stick with the tried-and-tested ones like the Mojito, Bloody Mary, Margarita, Daiquiri etc. But...