4 Reasons Wine Is More Awesome Than You Thought It Was

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Coming home after a long day at work, don’t we just want to uncork a bottle of wine, fill our glasses, netflix and unwind? This fermented grape drink does not only make you feel snooty, it has other purposes too! An acquired taste, wine not only oozes sophistication but is also soulful and beneficial for your body. So stop questioning yourself as to whether you should be indulging in a good glass of red. Unsobered is here to give you the top 4 reasons as to why this sin is for the win.


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Don’t Let Your Heart Whine: Out of the three choices of wine available – red, white and rose, red is labeled to be more beneficial for the heart. In terms of something called ‘resveratrol’ that is present in red wine, it contains antioxidants which prevents heart diseases and is also generally good for your bloody pumping machine. So those countless ads on television about cooking oils aren’t the only things good for your heart. Let’s give wine the due credits please?


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Say No To Creams: Ladies and gents, facial creams aren’t the only things on earth that contain anti-aging elements. A daily glass of wine does wonders to your aging process, slowing it down one glass at a time; something that was earlier believed by ancient monks and is now backed by science. Let us present you with an absurd and eccentric idea. You see all these videos floating on the internet about bathing in, say, nutella or sauce? Well, you can do that with wine as well. Just one suggestion, keep your mouth shut and please don’t drink it.


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The Sun Is Burning And So Are You: It doesn’t take a genius to figure not to sun bathe for a long period of time. If you wish to get that desired tan, make sure to not burn your skin in the process. Treating sun burnt skin can be quite a pain in the rear. Red wine’s resveratrol and flavanoid have certain qualities which help inhibit the process of stimulation that causes sunburn. Similarly, wine is also a great remedy to remove tan and get your skin glowing. Shine bright like a diamond!


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Make Your Meat Juicier: Apart from all that tenderizing and assaulting like you generally do by hitting your meat, there is a better option up for grabs. Soaking cuts of meat in wine for 5-6 hours can make it juicy, tender and succulent. What’s more, wine also kills all the cancer causing compounds formed during cooking of the meat, up to 90% almost. While you are at it, what’s the harm in filling yourself a glass and grabbing some chakna to go with it?

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