5 Cheeky Ways To Drink Without Letting The World Around You Know

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We are always in the mood for a drink. In the mornings to get going, in the afternoons to beat boredom, and to sleep off with a smile at night. But, we don’t always have access to alcohol, do we? Turns out, we do! We aren’t asking you to go to your office and get drunk, unless you’re a wine taster. But we just get that, at times, you really need that one drink. So, learn some smart, cheeky ways to drink up. Try these at your own risk…

Starbucks Cup: Let’s admit it, we all love walking around with a Grande cup from Starbucks because that gives you the feel of making a kick-ass entry. But did you know that this cup is multipurpose? Have you ever thought that if you fill it with rum and loads of ice with lemon slices, it looks just like an iced tea? Genius. Just make sure that some weird amateur friend of yours doesn’t take a sip.

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Can-In-Disguise: Get a Sprite can; chop off the bottom really thin, push a smaller can of Tuborg inside this. Now feel free to take it to your distant relative or even your neighbor’s wedding where you can have your own little party whenever you want. It’s that simple.

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The Beer Belly: Yes, we pride ourselves in having those beautiful beer bellies; it’s a sign of our capabilities and capacity. But what if a beer belly can actually give you some good beer anywhere? Here’s something you never knew you needed in your life! Check out the picture to see the cleverest invention ever. Where was this thing all of our college hostel years?

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Smooth As A Smoothie: So breakfast smoothies are a thing now. And we are all for it, if there’s some alcohol in it. Along with blueberries and bananas, pour some vodka into the blender and tada, you have the best smoothie ever! You don’t need coffee to kick start your day, you need this.

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Pocket Diaries: This is the only book you would ever need. A pocket diary with a secret alcohol flask hidden in it? Hell yes! You can proudly walk around pretending to be a crazy creative person, and drink your favorite whiskey (or even arrack, who cares?) out of a fancy flask when no one’s looking. Also, here’s a suggestion: if you have intentions of drunk texting, start writing them down in this very book. Something to laugh at the next day, you know.

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We said it before, and we’re saying it again. Try these at your risk, and don’t hold us responsible if you goof up doing any of the above.