5 Craft Beers You Should Try In Mumbai If You’re A Beginner

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For the record, I am not a craft beer expert. There’s a whole universe of craft beer out there that’s slowly expanding, as more and more microbreweries set shop at various locations across Mumbai. This piece is for those enthusiasts who really want to try craft beer, but don’t really know where to begin. So, here goes…

Spark Belgian Wit @ The While Owl Brewery and Bistro – A soothing mixture of orange, coriander and camomile, the Spark Belgian Wit at the While Owl Brewery in Lower Parel is a great way to acquaint yourself with the exciting world of craft beer. Its citrusy after-taste will have you craving for another pint.

Where? One Indiabulls Center, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
Price: INR 375 for a pint

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PC: White Owl Brewery Facebook


Honey Bee Braggot @ The Barking Deer Brewpub – You may find yourself wanting to be adventurous at the Barking Deer Brewpub because of the tempting descriptions of their beers on tap, but if you’re just acquainting yourself with the world of craft beer, go for the Honey Bee Braggot, a perfect amalgamation of mead (which is basically honey fermented with water and hops), and beer. If I were to draw an analogy, if craft beer represents a long-term relationship, then the Honey Bee Braggot at the Barking Deer is your first crush.

Where? Mathuradas Mill Compound, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
Price: INR 300 for a pint

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PC: BarkingDeer.in


Black Mamba @ Brewbot Eatery & Pub Brewery – If you enter this microbrewery for the first time, you will find yourself calling for the Black Mamba purely based on its enticing description. If ‘chocolate oat stout’ won’t get you excited for a beginner, then I don’t know what will. Anyway, this beauty brings with it several pages of aftertaste, with chocolate, raisins and coffee being the prime suspects. You won’t regret it!

Where? Morya Landmark, Off New Link Road, Lokhandwala, Andheri West
Price: INR 315 for a pint

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PC: Brewbot.in


White Zen @ Gateway Brewing Company – I went for the White Zen at Gateway simply because I noticed everybody calling for it. A classic case of going with the bandwagon, there was a reason why pints after pints of White Zen were being lapped up at tables around me. The mildest brew in this list, the White Zen will transport you to a utopian world governed by an aftertaste of banana, clove and hops.

Where? Woodside Inn, Opposite Regal Cinema, Colaba
Price: INR 425 for a pint

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Apple Cider @ Doolally Taproom – If you still haven’t come across this recommendation as a beer drinker in Mumbai, you’re probably living under a rock. Himalayan Apples being the primary ingredient of this no-nonsense craft beer, the Apple Cider is a perfect companion for an English style breakfast, which by the way, you can get to have at Doolally itself because the place opens at 7 am. They have 4 outlets across this city. Go!

Where? Near Fun Republic, Off New Link Road, Andheri West/ ONGC Colony, Reclamation, Bandra West/ Kwality House, August Kranti Marg, Kemps Corner/ Park House, Annexe, Nathalal Parikh Marg, Colaba
Price: INR 300 for a pint

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PC: Doolally.in