5 Crazy Alcohol Bottles In History

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We have a dream, and that is to have a showcase full of liquor bottles. Gorgeous ones in all colors, shapes, shades and hues. A little research on the web took us to a weird goldmine of alcohol bottles, in the most bizarre shapes. You think a lean, golden champagne bottle is a collectable? Oh boy, you are in for a treat!

Nikka Gold and Gold Samurai: You remember those silly, mediocre chips you needed to buy in bulk at the supermarket to get free toys? This is like that, but only with fine as heck alcohol filled in it. Bottled from the Nikki owned Yoichi distillery, Japan which opened way back in the 1930s, this blended whiskey tastes as mean as it looks. Take a look at that gorgeous bottle! #WhattABeauty

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Mocambo Rum Buccaneers Pistol: This 10 year old, 5 star rated Mexican Rum comes in an actual bandook! You will literally be drinking at gunpoint. That visual, somehow, is lame and awesome at the same time.

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PC: Firebox.com


Lazarus Wine: Alcohol brand Lazarus made an incredible move by approaching a blind wine maker decades ago, who was in fact better at sensing the aroma and texture than ordinary wine makers. Fast forward to this date; they have an entire range dedicated to blind wine makers with their bottles having braille text imprinted on them. Sensorial wine-making in all its glory!

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Hijos de Villa Reposado: Want to get shot? No, seriously, do you? This particular limited-edition tequila was curated in collaboration with the Villanueva Barragan family for their 55th anniversary. The pistol represents the family’s pride and honor, apparently.

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PC: OurCellar.com


Brew Dog End of History Beer: Okay, this one is when they dropped the ball. You have to be pretty gross to actually think “okay, it’s so cool to drink beer from a taxidermied squirrel case”. There are only 11 bottles in the ‘End of History limited-edition 55% Blond Belgian Ale’, and we aren’t complaining.

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                    PC: Brewdog.com


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