5 Spirits That Are Doing Asia Proud: Part 2


We have already spoken about the exceptional spirits the Asian continent has to offer. But it would be unfair to just have 5 on the list, so here are some other great Asian liquors to discover.



This one is no surprise. Baijiu has caught eyes globally and is slowly becoming an international favorite. Made from Sorghum, a grain specific to China, this spirit is strong with 40-60% ABV. With a flavour similar to vodka, this drink is a must have if you are an alcohol enthusiast.



We, Indians, aren’t new to this spirit, but Sri Lanka is the oldest and largest producer of coconut arrack. Toddy tappers skillfully move between coconut tree tops to source the flowers and the entire distillation process is done within 24 hours. It’s sweet, only slightly potent and a great addition to ginger beer or fruit juice.

Sang Som


A variety of rum that is native to Thailand, this beauty has been ruling their national market since 1977. They sell almost 70 million liters every year. With fruity, caramel flavours, it’s a great addition to rum and coke or any other cocktail. People also vouch for how it never gives them hangovers.



Our personal pride, Feni is a distilled spirit exclusively made in Goa. There are two varieties available based on the original ingredient: cashew or coconut, both heavily, locally produced in this region. This falls in the country liquor category and it’s not available for sale anywhere but in Goa. A slice of lime and some sugar is the perfect addition to a glass of feni.



Home-fermented rice wines are a very common beverage across China and Mijiu is one of the finest amongst them. People make it with sticky rice, Chinese yeast and clean water at home. Consumed warm like Japanese sake, it’s also a common element in their cuisine. Apparently it comes with a bunch of health benefits such as improved metabolism and better skin. We are sold!