5 Spirits That Are Doing Asia Proud

If you are a true spirit enthusiast, you should know that Asia offers arguably the largest variety of liquors. There’s so much culture, values, techniques intertwined with alcohol in this continent, you will certainly find something that would change your opinion of Asian spirits for sure.

Huangjiu: This Chinese word translates to yellow wine, but it isn’t exactly a distilled wine. It is fermented and served right after. With a pretty high ABV for a fermented spirit (almost 20%), this rice wine is available across categories from dry and sweet. You can get a glass anywhere in China.


Shochu: The lesser known cousin of the Korean classic soju, Shochu is distilled from sweet potatoes or rice. It’s a low ABV drinks and it’s one-of-a-kind earthy, nutty flavour makes it desirable.


Japanese Gin: Japan has carved a niche for itself in the single malt scene, but there’s another spirit that you ought to try in Japan – their gin. With more and more brands entering this industry every day, their offerings vary from classic juniper styles to innovative ones that infuse local ingredients such as bamboo.


Lambanog: It’s Asia, so we had to have a coconut based spirit. Lambanog from the Philippines is the Asian take on moonshine. A fairly neutral spirit, this is perfect to make cocktails and for casual sipping. With local raisins and other fruits providing depth of flavour, this liquor is a must have.


rượu: If you are feeling adventurous, Vietnam has something badass to offer. rượu Aka rice liquor is a pretty potent drink to sip on. They have taken it a notch higher, with giant spiders and snakes floating inside them. Although people consider this medicinal, it could be quite nasty on your liver. But, we don’t live for safe bets, do we?