5 Ways To Have A Boozier Festive Season


Now that we are adulting and nobody surprises you with expensive, dreamy gifts anymore, we are going to have to look for more ways to make the holidays interesting. And I have a suggestion: alcohol. Here we bring to you 5 ways to make your Christmas and New Year a little unsober. So, if you want to stay old school, go ahead and do that and if you want to have some fun, welcome aboard:

Boozy Christmas ornaments


Move over expensive, old-fashioned Christmas tree decorations, because we are here to put something a lot more meaningful on our tree. The Lakes Distillery has a range of boozy ornaments that will make your life and tree a helluva lot better. No, not shaped alcohol bottle shaped ornaments, beautiful glass globes filled with real alcohol. They have three varieties: whisky, vodka and gin and nobody’s asking you to choose.

Wine Bottle trees


Alcohol ornaments ain’t enough for you? Got a little art and craft keeda in you? Stock up a bunch of wine bottles and create your own tree. First of all, this will be all you and you can make a day of it. Secondly, this tree will legit reflect your life. You can do it with any lean bottle, beer or wine, so stop throwing your bottles away now.

The Magic gin


This is a magical time. It’s about magic, about gifts appearing under your tree as a surprise. So, here’s a little alcohol magic trick: get a bottle of Sharish magic gin, pour some good old tonic water and watch it turn into a glowing, festive pink. Magic unfolding at your dinner table and you can drink it. It can’t get better.

Edible glitter to make your prosecco lit


Prosecco is equivalent to festivities. Now with Lakeland offering an edible glitter to decorate your sparkling wine or prosecco with, it can’t get any more celebratory. It goes just fine with your sparkling wine too.

A vodka that lights up


Unfortunately, you won’t find this everywhere. But, if you are spending your New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong, NYC or LA, go find John Lewis’s best seller of the moment, Zing Vodka. The bottle turns into any colour you choose and that’s exactly how we like our vodka.