A Definitive List Of The Strongest Rums In The World


Rum is a universal favourite. There’s so much versatility and varieties there, that at some point in your drinking-life, you must have been blown away by a rum. They are mostly strong, but some of them are so potent that you should think twice before drinking them. Unsobered brings to you, five of the most potent rums in the world.

Clark’s Court Spiced Rum


Spiced rums aren’t usually the strongest, however, this brand breaks that notion. This delightfully delicious spiced rum comes at an ABV of 69%. To give you guys a point of reference, our dearest Old Monk’s ABV is just above 40%. Clark’s has got game!

John Crow Batty Rum


This white rum hails from Jamaica and is often compared to the ‘country’s version of moonshine’. Moonshine is known to be super potent and John Crow Batty Rum doesn’t disappoint either. This clarified spirit comes with an unbelievable ABV of 80%. That’s a new high.

Bacardi 151


From the prestigious house of Bacardi comes one of the strongest rums ever made. Named after its alcohol proof level of 151, this fierce drink (75% ABV) was sold for decades in America. The bottle came with multiple warnings about the drink being extremely flammable and more, but nothing affected its popularity. In 2016, Bacardi discontinued its production.

Stroh ’80’


It should just be named Strong 80 because that’s exactly what it is. A really strong spiced rum which comes at 80% ABV. The producers have warned consumers time and again to not drink this Austrian favourite, neat. But it’s apparently great with coffee.I have a newfound respect for Austrians now.

Sunset Very Strong Rum


The most familiar one, Sunset Very Strong rum is very, very strong. And if you’re brave enough to actually drink it, you may not wake up till next sunset. At a whopping ABV of 84.5%, this rum has made it to the list of the strongest and most potent liquors in the world. How they sell it legally, is beyond our understanding.