Bars From TV Shows That We Wish We Could Visit

Have you ever seen something on a TV screen and gone “woah, that looks cool”. I do that on an everyday basis and what makes me burn with envy the most is the really, really cool bars they get to chill in. Here’s hoping someone takes the hint

McLaren’s, HIMYM: The fans of this iconic show know how important this bar was. Every major turning point of this show took place in here. I love this bar because it looked like it had the best finger food, coolest waiters and of course, didn’t ask customers to fuck off even if they hung around forever.

Joe’s, Grey’s Anatomy: The entire show takes place in the hospital. No, seriously, the characters practically live in the hospital. They sleep, poop, eat and have sex inside the hospital. But whenever they need to take a break, they all turn up at Joe’s. This bar is the quintessential crowded local bar with the kindest bartender and the most good-looking patrons.

Moe’s Tavern, The Simpsons: Yeah, yeah, I get that it’s a cartoon bar and I can’t probably ever go there. But dude, it just seems to be always bustling with the most entertaining and interesting people including their very own resident drunk (no, we’re not talking about Homer). I wanna go there so bad.


Mystic Grill, Vampire Diaries: Okay, these people are vampires who love bourbon only a little less than human blood and have extremely well-stocked liquor cabinets at home. If they still turn up at a bar to drink, that says something. Mystic Grill is classy and cool. Also, this bar is home to the most charming bartenders and waiters. If you plan to recreate this bar someday, please make sure to fill it with sexy vampires too. Thanks.

Central Perk, Friends: The die-hard fans of the show, which is pretty much half the 90s kids, know that Central Perk was a bar before it became the iconic cafe. And it looked like a really cool one too. It had pool tables, high stools and dart boards, and was located in the heart of the village. Imagine all the cafe’s incidents happening at the bar instead – wouldn’t that have been much more fun?