Best Cocktails For Those Who Can’t Handle Hard Liquors

If you aren’t a total pro when it comes to handling hard liquors, you may be a little confused or hesitant to drink at parties. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back, because drinking isn’t just for the unshakable, it’s also for normal humans to whom three shots of tequila taste like death. Here are the five least alcoholic drinks you can consume and still survive the night:


If you have walked into a bar and all of your friends are going hard with their LIITs, you don’t have to be stressed. A spritzer, a combination of white wine, soda and fruity/citric elements, comes with less than 12% ABV. They are also a freaking delight to have. Perfect for the summer.

Vermouth cocktails

They are chic, classic and stylish. Often consumed as an aperitif, Vermouth is a kind of fortified wine. If you consume it alone, it has about 20% ABV. But,vermouth-based cocktails, however, doesn’t exceed 10%. You won’t regret drinking them.

Beer cocktails

It’s an obvious answer since beer is an extremely popular low alcoholic beverage and beer-based cocktails aren’t any different. Shandies and Micheladas are delicious and very light on your liver. You can have a bunch of them without worrying about blacking out.

Mimosas and other sparkling wine cocktails

Similar to white wine, sparkling wines are also quite gentle, especially the ones that contain prosecco. Any sparkling wine-based cocktail is refreshing and probably won’t make you doubt your life choices the next morning. They could be a little pricey but they’re definitely worth it.

Bitter liqueur based drinks

Liqueurs like Campari usually pack about 20% ABV when you consume them straight from the bottle. However, the cocktails dilute them much further. Any bitter liqueur based drink, like an Americano or Negroni, is a safe choice for an amateur. They will also open up a huge window of new tastes in cocktails. Being experimental doesn’t have to cost you a hangover-free morning.

P.S: If you intend to drink like a dozen of any of these, irrespective of their ABV, it will come back to haunt you, so don’t overdo it!