Best Places In Mumbai To Get Breakfast After A Drunken Night

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With your head-throbbing when you roll of your bed at 1 p.m., it can be very difficult to pick what place will offer the right grub that your tummy needs. We recommend that you head straight for a healthy, carb-loaded, non-greasy breakfast and these popular places in the city hold the key for a better day ahead. Crawl in:

Social (Across Mumbai): Social sits at the numero uno position on this list for their very own ‘Hungover Breakfast’ that has everything you need. They also score on the cool quotient for their thoughtfulness as well as offering discounts on this to those who partied hard here the night before. The platter comprises eggs and bacon, vitamin water, toast, bananas and a glass of Virgin Mary. Give bacon a miss and eat more of the eggs to fix yourself up. You can also go in for ‘Salli Par Edu,’ ‘Disco Fried Eggs,’ ‘Blueberry Pancakes with Maple Syrup,’ or ‘Andaas Apna Apna.’

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Poetry by Love and Cheesecake (Bandra): This place takes breakfast seriously and offers you ‘Full English Breakfast,’ ‘Full American Breakfast,’ ‘Continental Breakfast’ as well as a scrumptious a la carte breakfast. You can simply opt for the Full English Breakfast (leave out the bacon!) and gorge on all the delicious fruits, croissants, focaccia, multi-grain breads, muffins and a whole lot of other carby foods. Alternately you could opt for the full-continental breakfast with the low-fat yogurt parfait.

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The Nutcracker (Fort): This popular little eatery in Fort scores big when it comes to its all day long breakfast. There’s the delectable breakfast sliders, Salli eggs (a must-try!), mushrooms on toast, buttermilk pancakes and a whole lot more. Their specials menu this month also includes Turkish eggs, hummus and avocado on toast among other choices which will make for a good option to fight that pesky headache.

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The Yoga House (Bandra & Lower Parel): Super-healthy options line the menu at the quaint Yoga House in Mumbai. The soothing ambience will help and so will options such as ‘Poha with Sprouts,’ ‘Ten Grains Toast’ with your choice of spreads which also includes Chyawanprash. Your hungover self could also opt for their homemade muesli, the ‘Signature Oat Porridge’ or the ‘Ayurvedic Oat Porridge’ (yes, that’s there on the menu). Steer clear of anything super-heavy, greasy, citrusy and opt for good carbs, milk and yogurt instead.

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The Yellow Cup (Andheri): A wholesome bowl of hearty salad and healthy choices of wraps and sandwiches should do you good. And that is exactly what the The Yellow Cup has on offer. Either pick from Fresh Mushroom Toast, Spinach and Corn Sandwich, or a Classic Caesar Salad, amongst other options. Customize your wraps and salads, and wash it all down with their banana smoothie or other refreshing smoothie options.

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Munch on good breakfast and power through the day!