British Cocktail Brand Happy Down Is Coming To India!

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There’s good news and then there’s bloody great news. British cocktail brand Happy Down that is known for creating delicious pre-mixed craft cocktails have set their sights on entering the Indian market.

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Tipple Brands Ltd, the parent company of Happy Down, was launched last year in the UK by founders Paritosh Bhandari and Vishal Mair. The brand now plans to bring their craft sparkling cocktails to major metropolitan cities in India and compete with craft brewers such as Bira 91 etc. They also state that they plan to move into more varied categories in the future.

Speaking to PTI, co-founder Paritosh Bhandari said, “Indian consumers are experimental and there are different set of consumers who dont mind paying a premium for any good product. The mindset is we will consume less but will consume better.”

Considering the unique flavours that are available currently in the UK – Lychee Guava Chilli, Raspberry Pomegranate Basil and Lemon Cucumber Mint – we can’t wait for these to show up in India and revolutionise the craft alcohol industry, and our tastebuds of course!