Fandom-Inspired Cocktails For The Nerd In You

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Floating Yoda: Arguably the most lovable of Star Wars characters, Yoda won over hearts worldwide. Even though he may be long gone, his wisdom and eccentric way of speaking still makes him extremely quotable. So it’s only fair that there be a boozy ode to him, and yes, there is icecream involved.

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What you need:
1 shot glass Kahlua
1 shot glass vodka of your choice
½ shot glass milk
1 scoop mint chocolate chip icecream

1. Fill your glass to the top with ice
2. Pour in the Kahlua and vodka, and stir
3. Slowly pour in the milk
4. Add in the scoop of icecream, balancing it on top of the ice
5. Serve when prepared

The White Walker: This season of the epic Game of Thrones saw more White Walker action than any other. We might love to hate them for many reasons, but the truth is, GoT wouldn’t be half as interesting and gripping without them. We’ve found the perfect cocktail recipe to make the transition of Viserion into an ice dragon a little easier for you – we lied, that’ll never be easy.

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What you need:
1 tall glass
½ glass white chocolate liqueur
½ glass vanilla cream soda
1 spoon of Blue Curacao

1. Fill the glass up to the brim with ice
2. Fill half the glass with white chocolate liqueur
3. Fill the rest with vanilla cream soda
4. Pour the spoon of blue curacao gently on top so that the drink looks layered
5. Drink with straw

Butterbeer: This was fairly obvious – how could we write a list of fandom-inspired cocktails without including the famed Butterbeer from the Harry Potter series. The stories of Hogsmeade and how our beloved trio would enjoy a warm glass of the drink on a cold winter evening, had most of us dying to try it out. Here’s the recipe for those who’d like to actually whip it up.

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What you need:
1 bottle British Ale
1 tsp Pumpkin pie spice
½ cup brown sugar
2 egg yolks
2.5 tbsp unsalted butter

1. Pour the ale gently onto a saucepan from the side of the pan so as to not make it foam
2. Add 1tsp of the spice and stir
3. Heat till it voils, then simmer it for a few minutes
4. Whisk the yolks and sugar together
5. Lower heat and add in the yolks and sugar
6. Remove from heat after simmering for 3-5 minutes
7. Add the unsalted butter and stir it until it is fully mixed in
8. Using a handblender, blend the ale till foam is formed and then let it cool
9. Pour it into a beer mug, holding the foam back using a spoon
10. Add the foam left behind, on top of the ale and serve

The Upside Down: If you haven’t been living under a gigantic rock under the sea, you’ve probably heard of the series Stranger Things – a show that takes you back to ET times, and scares the living hell out of you at the same time. The Upside Down, a parallel, much darker universe, on the show was what really gave us goosebumps, and the first thing we did after binge-watching the series was look up a cocktail just as dark and rich.

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What you need:
44 ml vodka
15 ml simple syrup (equal parts water and sugar)
15 ml lime juice
15 ml Ouzo
3-4 blackberries

1. Crush the blackberries in a shaker
2. Add the simple syrup, lime juice and Ouzo and shake vigorously
3. Pour into a glass with ice and serve

Sonic Screwdriver: The British TV series Doctor Who that has one of the biggest fanbases, and rightly so, recently announced their first female Doctor. In celebration of the legacy of this epic show and a leading lady that promises to be a powerhouse, it’s only fair to whip up a drink or two and bingewatch the entire series. Here’s a cocktail that pays homage to the Doctor’s one true companion – the Sonic Screwdriver.

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What you need:
30 ml Blue Curacao
30 ml vodka
177 ml orange juice

1. Add all three ingredients and shake with ice in a shaker
2. Strain into a pitcher
3. If needed, use frozen orange juice in place of ice cubes and serve