Five Stages of a Regular Drinker on a Dry Day

They say everything is constant except change. Things can either change for the good or for the bad. But knowing how much you guys like to drink, dry days are never good.

Water, water, everywhere. Not a drop to drink.

Here’s a lowdown on the 5 stages of a regular drinker on a dry day.

Stage I: Normalcy

You’re living your day just like you normally would. Such a lovely day.

And all you want now is a bit of booze to go down your throat

Until ….

Stage II: Realization

That exact moment when you realize it’s a dry day and let that thought sink in.

You make a run for the wine shop but your worst fear has come true.


Your drinking plan has gone for a toss because all the pubs are shut for the day.

Stage III: We shall overcome.

A friend with weed, is a friend indeed.

The same goes for that friend with Port Wine on a dry day.

Stage IV: Acceptance –
Making the most of the day

You’re not getting your alcohol today. But there’s a silver lining.


Watch a movie. Read a book. Sleep.

Stage V: Victory

For an optimist the glass is always full.

For the tipplers on dry days, the glass is always empty.

Unless, unless, you stock up in advance.

Remember the story of the ant and the grasshopper? Be the ant.

Be an ant, Smarty P-ants.

Take a look at our list of dry days and make sure to stock up in advance.