Gin Flavours That Will Take You By Surprise

Gin is not everyone’s first choice of liquor. But once you realise how versatile it is, you may end up liking it a lot more. There are some wonderfully unique gin flavours out there and we bring you five of the coolest ones that you need to try:

Christmas Pudding Gin

As bizarre as it may sound, this exists. I don’t know who thought they could pack the flavours of gooey, buttery goodness that reminds us of Christmas Eve into a bottle, but they really did think out of the box. Highgate-based, family-run, Sacred Distillery produces this wonderfully weird gin that features a rich, brandy-like flavour with hints of fruits. It’s perfect if you want to make your gin and tonic taste like custard.

Bloody Shiraz Gin

Gin is good, wine is fantastic, you bring these together and it’s magic. Four Pillars, a small Australian distillery with a penchant for unique flavours, produces a Shiraz flavoured gin. To make this gin, they steep freshly picked Shiraz grapes in Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin for eight weeks, keep it cold and stir it daily, before the fruit is pressed and combined with more Dry Gin. Considering the painstaking process, it shouldn’t surprise you that they sold the entire range in under two months.

Saffron Gin

For a second I thought an Indian must have created this recipe. But India is yet to learn to appreciate gin as the rest of the world does. Created by the Dijon-based micro distiller, Gabriel Boudier, this gin isn’t just flavoured with saffron. The aromas of this gin vary between coriander, lemon and orange peel. The gin colour, however, is a little threatening.

Sikkim Fraise

Again, the Indian reference is completely misleading. Made in Spain, Sikkim Fraise gin has a Tibetan tea base, undertones of wild berries and bitter citric elements. It’s beautifully pink, and just a splash of tonic water will do the trick.

Cocoa Gin

If you aren’t, in fact, a fan of the strong flavour of gin itself, this is what you should get. From Hotel Chocolat’s house, this gin has peppery notes of roasted cocoa shells and macadamia nuts. If you are in the mood for a drink for dessert, this could be perfect.