How To Make Terrible Red Wine Taste Better

Red wine will always hold a very special place in our hearts. But the tragedy is that often we end up owning a case of really bad red wine and there’s no choice but to consume it. So here’s what you can do to save a heart break and make your red wine taste delicious or at least mildly better:

Meat and mushroom, all the way: Don’t ask us for the reasons, because wine pseudoscience doesn’t have the answer to it yet, but umami-rich mushrooms and red meat aka protein make the shitty, terrible wine slightly drinkable. You can call it fancy food pairing, but in fact, it’s just a life saver.

Spice it up: If the red wine is predominantly sweet, you need to spice it up to make it drinkable. Eat really spice-rich food, because if your taste buds will be busy dealing with the overdose of masalas, it might just ignore the sickening sweetness of your cheap wine.

If it’s too smoky, try it with barbecued food: There’s apparently a method where big tea bags full of charred wood chips are dunked in the wine prior to bottling. Scammers! But don’t you worry, eating grilled food is a great way to balance that smokiness out. You’d be surprised to see how much difference it makes.

Blend it: Much like cheap whiskey, blending is the easiest way you can make a bottle of wine instantly better. If you have a bad heavy red, get a better one and mix it. Since, you are an amateur, stick to basics and blend only similar ones.

Go Sangria: There’s a new, universal love for Sangrias and although a bad bottle of wine isn’t the best choice for it, you can still make do with it. Pour yourself a glass, add some chopped soft fruits and you got yourself some makeshift, bearable sangria. Also, there are a hundred recipes online. Go find your kind and you are set!