How To Pair Wine And Cheese Like A Pro

Whoever discovered that wine and cheese should be consumed together was a frigging genius. We love both wine and cheese as it is, but bringing them together elevates the awesomeness. Here’s how to marry cheese and wine like an absolute pro.

Prosecco and Parmesan

This has to be one of the best pairings, ever. Parmesan is possibly the tastiest cheese out there and Prosecco tastes like happiness and celebration. The bubbliness of Prosecco cuts through the savoriness of the cheese. They are like Italian soulmates.

Malbec and Cheddar

Malbec is a delight on its own, thanks to its chocolatey notes. And with a bit of aged cheddar, it becomes so much more. The subtle sweetness and aroma of cocoa cut through the saltiness of the cheddar. They are quite perfect for each other. If you are looking for a good malbec in India, Sula satori merlot malbec red wine is quite delicious.

Riesling and Ricotta

Ricotta has this beautiful creamy, subtly sweet texture which works brilliantly with the tanginess of Riesling. Sula has launched India’s first Riesling and it can give any international brand a run for its money. You can avail a bottle for less than 1,000 rupees. Pair them up today, and rejoice.

Sauvignon Blanc and Goat Cheese

Sauvignon blanc is a bright, dry, white wine that’s quite crisp. French goat cheese, with its mild spiciness, will go really well with this variety of wine since it isn’t overwhelming. A must-have for your next party.

Pinot Grigio and Mozzarella

This explains why pizza tastes so damn good with pinot grigio. This variety of wine is known for its acidity and freshness. Mozzarella has the slightest bit of sweetness to it which compliments the dryness of the pinot very well.