Move Over Baileys, Here Are Five Other Amazing Cream Liqueurs

When I discovered Baileys, I was thrilled. It’s mild, creamy, sweet and also has decent ABV. I was excited for something that would quench my thirst for liquor and sweet tooth at once. But guess what? There are many more delectable creamy liqueurs out there and you have to know about them, like now.


Amarula is made in South Africa from the Marula fruit that’s only found in African plains. The pulp is then fermented and distilled before being bottled with fresh cream after two years. With a modest 17% ABV, it’s nutty, floral notes make it a delicious choice.


Italy knows how to ace their dessert game, so their dessert liqueurs are no different. Made from buffalo milk cream from the Campania region only, Guappa is infused with aged brandy. With a similar texture to mozzarella cheese, it’s bottled at 17% ABV and its name comes from a particular type of Buffalo called ‘Guappa’.

Magnum Cream Liqueur

If you are looking for something premium, here’s what you need to get. Blended with a mix of high-quality scotch whisky, Magnum Cream Liqueur owes its status to scotch from the Highlands, and Dutch cream. With the slightest hint of spiciness, it’s a great mixer for any sweet cocktail and it was awarded best cream liqueur at San Francisco World Spirits Competition last year.


This one is quite badass, with its imported Caribbean rum and legendary Wisconsin dairy cream blend. With delicious aromas of cinnamon, vanilla and a few other subtle flavours, this one is a great breakfast cocktail mixer. It’s on the lighter end with 13.5% ABV and it’s a must-have for any rum lover.

Mozart Rose Gold Chocolate Cream

From Austria’s Mozart Chocolate Liqueur comes a rose gold cream, made from beets, Belgian chocolate, cocoa from Ghana, vanilla from Madagascar, fresh cream and a base of smooth cocoa butter. Its uniqueness comes from the storing process where its fermented in former bourbon barrels.