Mumbai Bars That Serve Kickass Molecular Cocktails

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I am all in for Molecular Mixology and I will give you three reasons why. It’s really, really cool, it’s really fun to watch and the theatre makes the drinks so much more awesome. Or in other words, these drinks take your drinking nights to a new level. Find out which Mumbai bars will totally have some chemistry with you:

The Daily Bar and Kitchen: Try Tailor-Made at the Daily Bandra and you will never look back. With whiskey, martini rosso, bitters, grapefruit and cinnamon rolled into one fabulous drink, it then gets smoked with maple wood. It’s rustic, spring-like and intense.

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Pa Pa Ya: This one might not come in budget, but it’s certainly worth going broke for. They focus on molecular gastronomy and their drinks can blow you away. We are huge fans of Lighthouse, because who’d have thought lemongrass infused vodka, galangal, orange and pineapple juice can taste that awesome? Also, it’s an actual light-house.

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Asado the Cocktail Street: When you are called the cocktail street, you know expectations are flying high. Asado, however, manages to live up to it. Their molecular killer Pain Killer, a mix of oranges and white rum will look ordinary until the server pours absinthe on flames into it. It’s lit, fam!

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The Bar Terminal: This place may be the new girl in the city, but she knows what she’s up to. How else would you explain a smoked berry cocktail that slowly emerges from clouds and clouds of strawberry flavoured smoke? Talk about smokin’ hot.

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Pop Tates: Here’s an unexpected entry. The Pop Tates that we all grew up with has nailed the chemistry of drinking too. You can actually eat an entire margarita at Pop Tates. Not kidding, their cranberry, vodka based margarita is solid (punny much?)

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