Seven Rum Brands With The Largest Fan Base In India

Rum is one of the most widely consumed liquors worldwide and Indians are unabashed about our love for it. Made from sugarcane juice or molasses, rum is extremely popular in our country and we also export a large chunk of it. Here are the five top-selling rum brands in India.

Contessa: From the house of Radico Khaitan, this liquor comes with the aroma of raisins and is sold in over 60 countries. Its alcohol content is 42.8% and the brand is popular across the defence sector due to its strong flavour. Affordability is another reason why it’s so well-liked.

Captain Morgan: Diageo markets this Jamaican brand in India and it’s extremely sought after owing to its varieties and unique flavours. All of their variations have succeeded in the market, but Captain Morgan black spiced rum is still on top. With 42% alcohol content, it’s very decently priced.

Havana Club: This Cuban brand has its bottling facility in Punjab and its vanilla and chocolate variations make it a widely sought-after brand. With over 40% alcohol content, the brand was launched in 1934 and has been well-loved ever since.

Old Monk: The rum brand that we all swear by. The one and only Old Monk was a gift from Mohan Meakin to India. Hailing from the prestigious and oldest distillery in the country, this rum comes with hints of vanilla.  It is available in six variants and is usually aged up to 7 years to 12 years. Unarguably, the most loved rum brand!

McDowell’s Rum: From the house of UB, this global favourite brand was only launched in 1963, since then it’s become one of the market leaders. This rum has won hearts and several international awards for its one of a kind vanilla and caramel flavour.

Bacardi: The go-to premium rum brand in India, Bacardi is known for its versatility. The most common flavours they offer include lemon, orange, apple, raspberry and dragon berry. Although they do have dark rum variations as well, they are known for their white rums which are inevitable in any bar that serves cocktails. With above 42% alcohol content, Bacardi is a youth-favourite.

Malibu: The most expensive brand on this list, this mild rum is a product from Pernod Ricard, from Barbados. This coconut flavoured liqueur only has 21% alcohol content, making it perfect for cocktails and hence, a bartender favourite.