Spicy Cocktails From Around The World You Must Try


Cocktail trends have changed massively lately and spicy cocktails seem to be taking the world by storm. International bars serve a wide variety of spicy cocktails and people are absolutely digging it. We’re travelling to these bars ASAP

Morjim Goa (DOSA, San Francisco)


The drink may blind you with its fruity pink shade which is in sync with the restaurant ambience, but it packs a punch. Named after a famous Goan beach, it’s a mixture of Sotol Hacienda de ChihuahuaLo-Fi Gentian amaro, spiced agave and Scrappy’s Firewater Tincture bitters,, and comes with a massive dollop of garam masala air that tops the drink as a bubble of foam.



Simple, yet refreshingly spicy. A balanced blend of allspice dram and house-made burnt cinnamon simple syrup gives this rum based cocktail the unique twist it deserves. Created by partner Todd Maul, the drink is basically Diplomático rum and lime.

Bangok Dangerous (ACE Hotel, Los Angeles)


Stunning to say the least, this one of a kind cocktail owes its beauty to Thai cuisine. Created by in-house mixologist Dan Sabo, this drink is made of peanut-washed Bombay Sapphire gin with galangal root and snap pea syrup, lime juice and coconut cream. Oh, it’s not over yet, it comes with a garnish of cilantro leaf, basil, mustard and coriander seeds and a splash of chile oil.

Gerty’s Ginger Elixir (Mr Fogg’s Tavern): 


Known as one of the finest cocktail bars in London, Mr Fogg’s Tavern is a visual treat. The ambience is all kinds of bright and chirpy and their Gerty’s Ginger Elixir may even bring a dead man back to life. A blend of Tanqueray No. Ten shaken with apple juice, spice syrup and lemon juice,  topped with ginger beer and freshly grated nutmeg, this spicy cocktail is one of the most sought after drinks on their menu.

Silk Road (Red Owl Tavern, Philadelphia)


The name is a bit deceptive, it’s not actually very silky on your taste-buds. Created by lead bartender Kyle Darrow, this drink contains Pimm’s No. 1 and Fords gin, lime, five-spice syrup and ginger beer. We aren’t done – the house-made five-spice in the drink is a mixture of fennel seeds, star anise, Szechuan peppercorns, cloves and cinnamon sticks that is toasted and blended with a little sugar. That’s so different!

Keep Calm And Curry On(The Chandelier, The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas): 


The curry bit might be the baby of ignorant generalisation (it’s nowhere close to curry), but this drink is hella good. Made with curry-leaf-infused Karma reposado tequila, Pineau des Charentes, cardamom verjus, tamarind, ginger, garam masala and five-flavor berry, the cocktail is served in a sexy coupe. Talk about sass!