5 Beer Festivals Around The World Calling Out To You

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We’re listing 5 of the best beer festivals around the world in no particular order, because who cares who wins right? It’s about being a beer traveler and broadening your horizons. People all over the world (including India) are booking tickets to cover most of these in 2017. Plan yours today!

Great American Beer Festival (GABF): The largest collection of US beer ever sold is at the GABF every October. Some of the pictures tell a tale of heritage, some about getting wasted, but overall it’s a great event with some excellent beer being sold at pretty cheap prices. They’ve got some fun games, events, and over 60,000 people to rock with, in addition to 3500 beer samples to choose from. Denver Colorado, here we come.

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Oregon Brewers Festival: Portland is famous for its eclectic nature, awesome shops and beautiful scenery. It’s where the hipster movement really took off along with the popularity of craft beers. 80,000 craft beer enthusiasts combine together to take on the beers of the world every July. Oregon has some of the finest beers in America, and it’s definitely on our bucket list. Side note: Check out this TV show called Portlandia for more.

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Oktoberfest: Hell yeah! This place had to be on the list. It’s amazing! You gotta dress up in traditional German garments though, and have a lot of food while you’re drinking beer. Beer is everywhere at Oktoberfest. On your clothes, on your food and on your loved ones. Everywhere. About 6 million people attend this festival every year. 6 MILLION! Holy moly that’s a lot of people drinking the good stuff! If you can’t recognize the names of the beer, it’s probably a good thing. Either you’re drunk or you’re far away from commercial brands. Yay Germany!

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Great British Beer Festival (London): It’s run by the organization CAMRA, which is the ‘Campaign for Real Ale’ (finally a movement we can get behind). GBBF has been live for 40 years almost, and is the home for the finest Irish, Scottish, and German beer you can find. This one’s not just about the flow of the alcohol, but also about the colours and the overall taste. If you’ve ever had a Nirvana like experience drinking quality craft beer, it was probably right here!

Great British Beer Festival
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Stuttgart Beer Festival (Stuttgart): A cousin of Oktoberfest, this event attracts around a million odd guests and is quickly taking over the former as a cooler alternative with more features, better music and a better vibe overall. Not so much noise and crowd, but a lot of fun nonetheless. The festival will entertain Oktoberfest’s late-comers as it goes on for a week or so after the Oktoberfest concludes.

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