Tonic Water Brands That Are Revolutionizing G&T Globally

Gin and tonic might not have the best origin story of all time, but it’s still a blessing for those who actually enjoy the peculiar taste of gin. Tonic water is unarguably the best mixer to go with a gin and a few international tonic water brands are changing the game with really innovative flavours.

Schweppes 1783

Schweppes is a popular, premium range of tonic waters and their amazing flavours vary from salty lemon, crisp, light, cucumber, to even ginger ale. The packaging is heavily inspired by beautiful champagne bottles and this has been done apparently to ensure an optimum pour.

Distillers Tonic Water

Distillers stick to the classics and they do full justice to it. Their original and dry flavours have been developed by a gin expert, so there’s no doubting the quality. With a subtle lemon flavour, this tonic water is designed to go with any gin out there.


When a brand has been around for 100 years, they have naturally perfected their art. Specialising in botanical brews, Fentimans offer some really amazing mixers. Classic, light, pink grapefruit and ginger beer, these artisanal drinks taste just delicious with gin.

Fever Tree

Their mixers are a global favourite, and their tonic water options, varying from Indian, light, elderflower, Mediterranean, ginger ale to lemonade are soulmates to a good glass of gin. They stand out with their unique texture created by champagne bubbles.

Franklin and Sons

Originally established in the early 19th century when this mixer was only available in a confectionery, and Franklin and Sons today has reached the heights of success. They offer handcrafted tonic waters, custom-made for premium gins. Their USP is the quality of the products they use. They apparently brew their tonic water with Ecuadorian cinchona bark extract, sparkling Staffordshire spring water, and British sugar.