Weekly Round-Up: Unsobered Happenings Around The World

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There is always something happening in the world of liquor; whether it is a certain businessman mistakenly splurging over $10,000 on counterfeit booze, or a new wacky pub opening in your city. You will always find something that interests you, amazes you, makes you think or simply lifts your spirits. Go ahead and glance though to know what transpired over the last week:

Desi News:

No, Minister: In what can only be assumed to be a statement made in a drunken state, Maharashtra minister, Girish Mahajan, suggested that liquor brands be named after women to increase sales. You would think he would have sobered up by the time he made an apology but that made no sense either since he stressed that comment was made “in the flow of things, in a lighter vein” implying it was somehow okay to demean women.

Tribune India

Videsi News:

Beer That Lobbies Action for Climate Change:  So it turns out you can now buy beer with a cause; all proceeds from the newly launched BrewDog’s ‘Make Earth Great Again’ beer will be going to 10:10 Climate Action. This is a charity petitioning for changing laws so that world leaders pay better attention to dealing with climatic changes.

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Search For World Class Bartender Begins: Diageo announced its 10th World Class Bartender of the Year Competition in UK. Bartenders can attend Diageo Reserve’s World Class Studio sessions across the country to sharpen their skills to enter the GB 2018 World Class Bartender of the Year Competition, with entries opening from February 15, 2018 onwards.

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Rare Alcohol Goes On Sale: A B.C. liquor store in Vancouver along with other participating stores opened doors for a sale on rare spirits. The line-up included a Glenfiddich for $7,200 (approx. INR 3.6 lakhs), a Bunnahabhain 46-year old whiskey at $10,350 (approx. INR 5.2 lakhs), and Bowmore Black 1964 whiskey for a whopping $32,000 (approx. INR 16 lakhs) in sale and it was bought within a few hours of the store opening its doors to the public.

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2018 World Beer Cup Opens For Entries: The World Beer Cup a.k.a. ‘The Olympics of Beer Competitions’ has now opened entries for breweries around the globe that meet all legal requirements and possess required permits in their country.The beer competition celebrates excellence in the world of beer with over 50 participating countries. The entries remain open until November 14, 2017.

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