Weekly Round-Up: Unsobered Happenings Around The World


The world of alcohol has seen several highs (that was intentional) and downs in the last week and some of them have managed to get our attention. Here are a few of the most interesting happenings of the alcohol world.

Videsi News: 

It’s time for virtual cocktails!: With the rise of technology come new, innovative ways of consuming your liquor. The latest and possibly coolest invention is the vocktail – a virtual cocktail! Developed by a team from National University of Singapore, the contraption consists of a cocktail glass in a 3D printed structure that’s loaded with electronics meant for multisensory stimulation. Packed with scent cartridges, air pumps, LED lights and electrodes that stimulate your tastebuds which can be chosen via the accompanying app – this is definitely the future of drinking


Malaysia gets it first cocktail truck: Even though India may be far away from fulfilling our dreams of a cocktail truck, Malaysia seems to have answered our prayers. KL Scenarium, started by two friends Ee-Lyn Tan and Vimal Kumar just last week, is the cocktail vehicle of our dreams, serving classics as well as great bespoke cocktails in Kuala Lumpur. They plan to expand very soon, considering their growing popularity, but this truck (called Britney after the creators’ shared love of pop culture) remains extremely special. So who’s coming with us?


A liquor store that infuses drinks and luxury: Moët Hennessy is launching a website called Clos19 that brings together online sales with luxury experiences. On this platform, you can find anything from alcohol to mixologists to bars to glassware and even a trip to Scotland! We can’t wait.

The Drinks Business.com

Good heart and good booze: What goes perfectly with modern art? Trippy psychedelic cocktails. Media den Artechouse, an uber art gallery is celebrating is their latest exhibit -Kingdom of Colours – by serving its most expansive tech-tinged cocktail menu. The varieties include Blue Mule, which sits on an app-activated coaster with Butterfly Pea Flower-infused vodka and ginger beer. Other interesting drinks come with  lime and edible toppers that activate the app, like The Red Queen (Elderflower liquor, chacha, champagne, lemon, raspberries).


Desi News: 

SC says that the liquor ban exemption is around the nation: Let’s just say that Supreme Court has been slaying it lately. Madras HC had raised a concern about whether the exemption of ban on sale of liquor within 500 metres along national and State highways is only applicable in Chandigarh or pan India. “Well, why should the HC think that? If our order applies for municipal areas in Chandigarh it will apply equally for municipal areas across the country,” Chief Justice Misra gave an apt reply. Everyone rejoice! There’s still light in our lives.

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