Weekly Round-Up: Unsobered Happenings Around The World

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The week witnessed some interesting developments in the liquor world, including a riveting study that confirmed long-standing opinions. Take a peek at some of the selected pieces of news that you may fancy:

Desi News

New Beginnings: Toit Brewery has quite a following in Bangalore for its great on-tap beers, excellent cocktails and pub grub. The popular place has now opened its doors for peeps in Mumbai. Head to Toit in Lower Parel and pick from Basmati Blonde (yes, you read that right!) and Toit Red amongst other brews on-tap.

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Videsi News

Indulgence at its finest: Smith & Sinclair, a renowned UK brand known for their edible cocktails, launched a unique experience at the flagship Oxford street store of the John Lewis retail chain. The brand has set up an engaging ‘pick & mix’ stand of sorts that allows customers to push pastille buttons that diffuse scents, allowing the person to pick their preferred scent and accordingly sample what they picked. We are certainly intrigued!

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Sentimental Spirits: You may have always turned to a glass of red to relax after work and a latest study reveals you may be doing something right. The study revealed that different types of alcohol tend to trigger different emotions in people. Wine and beer make its drinker feel relaxed, while hard liquor makes its drinker feel more energetic and confident.

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Make Way To South Africa: China Kweichow Moutai Distillery, one of the liquor biggies in China has headed straight for South Africa to check the trading and business scenario in the country and get people acquainted with Moutai, which is a white spirit made by fermenting sorghum. Looks like the peeps in SA will have another exquisite offering added to their bar menu in the near future.

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Say Hello To Bottled Cocktails: Melbourne’s The Everleigh Bottling Co. has launched a gift set of four ready-to-drink cocktails comprising vintage liquor from the 1950’s to 80’s. Including the classics like Martini, Vesper, Negroni and Bobby Buns, the set costs USD 190 and can be ordered only from Everleighbottling.com. Now all we have to do is look for a generous friend!

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