Weekly Round-Up: Unsobered Happenings Around The World


With tons happening around the globe every week, we bring you some of the essential pieces you may want to pick on and discuss with your friends over your favourite cocktails. Read up…

Desi News

New Entrant: Kamala Mills in Mumbai has a new addition – the FLYP@MTV Café that has already created its mark in Delhi. What’s special, you ask? Its delectable concoctions and a menu curated by celebrity chef, Raveer Brar. The quirky place also doubles-up as a co-working space; party animals in the city can look forward to some great events and gigs at the venue.

FLYP@MTVCafe Image for Unsobered Listicle

Sake, Sake, Sake: Head to Kolkatta to sip on four different kinds of Sake at the only place in the city that offers it to you – the newly opened Ping’s Café Orient. The place leaves no stone unturned to give you the feels and a complete Asian experience.

Sake image for unsobered weekly roundup

A New Jazz Bar Hits Town: Yes that’s right! The Quarter opens up in Mumbai’s Royal Opera House. What can you expect? A full-fledged cocktail and jazz bar, an outdoor restaurant as well as a cafe. We already feel like we have been transported to New Orleans! Do you? Head there to sip on some great wines while enjoying the gig lined-up for the day.

The Quarter Image for Unsobered Weekly Roundup

Videsi News

Burglars Party And Drink All Night: In a popular burger eatery at KingsCross in London, MEATLiquor, a group of people broke in and allegedly enjoyed $15,000 worth of booze and of course played their favourite tunes on the juke box to enliven the party that went on for about 11 hours. The incident occurred after a cleaner forgot to lock the doors and the very gracious owners shared the CCTV footage for the world to view and enjoy the spectacle:

White Wine for Weight Watchers: Weight Watchers announced its collaboration with Truett-Hurst Winery, a California-based producer to create wines that are diet-friendly. What else does the world need! So, those watching their weight could pick the bottle of Sauvignon Blanc dubbed, Cense, and enjoy their drink without worrying about the calories. Weight Watchers along with the winery, plan to launch a Rosé sometime in the future.

cense wines image for unsobered weekly roundup

Douglas Laing’s New Addition: Expanding its popular line-up of Remarkable Regional Malts, renowned bottler Douglas Laing has revealed its Campbeltown blended malt dubbed as The Gauldrons. When the Legends of Scots King Robert serves as inspiration for this offering, you know this liquid gold will be nothing short of epic!

douglas laing image for unsobered weekly roundup