What Does Your Glass Preference Say About You?

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Drinking is not just about getting alcohol into your system. It’s a ritual – a familiar and enjoyable ritual that makes you feel secure; not to forget warm, on the inside. And this ritual is not complete without the right apparatus. While it’s important to get your drink right, it’s equally important to have it from the right glass. As all drinkers would agree, we all have that ‘one’ glass. Read on to find out what your preferred glass says about you. Cheers!

Cocktail glass

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Beautiful to look at, highly fragile, and absolutely impractical. If the cocktail glass is your go-to, you are most probably someone who hasn’t really known a hard day’s work in their life. But that’s okay, because you don’t need to! Instead, you focus on the finer (really fine, like the stems of these glasses) things and therefore, can appreciate beauty better than the rest of us.


Tall glass

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Aww, look at you drinking your Mojito out of a tall water glass. You guys are so cute! Granted, that’s actually a Collins glass, but you didn’t know that did you? That’s because most tall glass users are either just starting out as drinkers, or giving in to peer pressure. A tall glass person is most likely someone who sticks to the tried and tested. And they also know that they’d never be able to carry off a cocktail glass.



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Just like those who prefer cocktail glasses, tumbler users also appreciate the finer things in life. They are, however, more grounded than the former. Those who prefer tumblers like to sit back and enjoy the sound of ice clinking in their expensive drinks, as they bask in the knowledge of being the centre of attention in the room. Albeit, modestly.


Wine glass

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Wine drinkers consider quantity to be as important as quality. They prefer healthy portions of a red to a meagre pour of any other spirit. They take decisions using all their five senses, and are faster than most at acquiring a new taste. They are also more aware of how they look and know that the wine glass makes them look better.


Beer mug

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These guys almost certainly have some Viking blood in their veins. Strong, assertive and single-minded, most beer drinkers are known to be finishers. Once they decide upon something, it’s impossible for them to change their minds. These guys fiercely care for their own and come with a XXL sized heart.