Where To Find The World’s Best Martinis

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No one can deny that martinis are iconic. From bars to pop culture, the cocktail has remained timelessly trendy and found fans in authors, poets, politicians and even fictional spies. So who are we to not look forward to tasting this legendary cocktail in its very best form? If you, like us, want to know where it is that the martini receives the treatment it deserves, keep reading.

Bar Hemingway, Paris

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A bar in the Ritz Paris that was so frequented by Ernest Hemingway that it ended up being renamed after the writer, it’s surely one of the most iconic bars on the list. Hemingway Bar does a mean martini but their signature invention, the clean dry martini, is a class apart. A dry martini with an ice cube of olive juice, it ensures every sip is as magical as the first.

The Connaught Bar, London

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If you’re not one to sit at the cocktail bar, you’re going to love this. Bartenders wheel special cocktail carts to you and with the flourish that only comes from experience, go on to make some of the most magical martinis ever. You can even customise your drink with a plethora of botanicals to get a drink just right for you.

Dukes, London

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If Ian Fleming hadn’t frequented this bar so often, maybe James Bond’s love for martinis wouldn’t be so strong. Many fans of 007 and his creator are known to flock this spot, not just for a brush with history but for the fabulous, undiluted martinis. If you want to start a martini journey, this is where you begin.

Alice, Seoul

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Closer home lies Alice, a stunning bar with bartenders that know that flourish and drama are part of creating a cocktail worth travelling for. Their technique of creating a martini involves ‘throwing’ the ingredients between two mixing tins so that they become aerated and mix well. They use chilled Tanqueray gin with citrus and chamomile flavours, so you know you’re getting the very best.

Gin Palace, Melbourne

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If you name your establishment Gin Palace, people are going to expect you to be the master of everything the liquor goes into. And they do not disappoint. The gin, vermouth, tonic varieties on offer are vast and while the staff is happy to make you something to your taste, you should check out their favourites too!

Dear Irving, New York

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Who are we to say no to a Mad Men-esque bar that serves classic cocktails with a fresh approach? Drinking a martini here feels just right, not just because of their expertise in mixing up the drink but also the ambience. Even the Gibson, a version of the martini with a cocktail onion garnish instead of olives, is something to look forward to at Dear Irving.