Why Lambanog Is A Spirit We All Should Know About


I have recently been introduced to a beautiful drink called Lambanog and as someone with a keen interest in liquor, I am ashamed that I didn’t know about it before. Philippines is a tropical wonderland and it only seems apt that their national drink Lambanog is as stunning as their landscape.

It’s smooth and potent at once:


Lambanog is a really sophisticated version of fermented sap and its ABV is almost at 45%. It’s clear, has a sweet finish, and gives just the right kind of kick.

A great mixer


Unlike any other fermented spirit, Lambanog is a clean tasting spirit and that is the reason why it’s such an amazing cocktail mixer. The slight hint of sweetness makes it a perfect partner for all fruit juices and tropical cocktails.

The experience


Buying Lambanog in Philippines might be a very interesting experience which gives you an insight to their culture. It’s mostly sold by local producers who will pour you jars full of Lambanog with generosity and a smile.

It’s great for cooking and DIY aperitifs


If you are someone who experiments with alcohol in the kitchen, you must try cooking with Lambanog. It’s amazing with seafood (which is no surprise) and you can just store a jar full of Lambanog and soak your favorite fruits in it to create a delicious, boozy aperitif.

It’s a local product and economical


Philippines takes great pride in their culture and Lambanog is an important part of it. This spirit is the sole source of income for many small businesses and it’s sold at very affordable prices. Popularizing Lambanog will help their national economy tremendously. So let’s hope that for our good and Philippines’, Lambanog gets more popular across the world.