World’s 5 Best Sake Bars To Visit

Sake is slowly and steadily becoming a global favourite. It has somewhat become a representation of Asian spirits and we are not mad about it. If you are a true sake fan or just want to become one, here are five of the coolest sake bars around the globe that you should visit.

Shimomiya, Tokyo

Tokyo naturally serves some of the finest sake and Shimomiya is one of those bars that people visit for good sake. They serve delicious seafood and almost 200 varieties of sake, which is a great combination. Modern or classic, you can get it all here.

Orihara Shoten, Singapore

Singapore is the tourist capital of Asia and it’s filled with boutique bars and restaurants that serve signature Asian specialities. Orihara Shoten serves sakes varying anywhere between 60 to 2000 USD. They are famous for their seasonal sakes, so don’t shy away from asking the staff. They know all about it.

Sakagura, NYC

New York is becoming the hotspot for Asian cuisines and spirits. Sake has caught on like wildfire around there. Sagakura absolutely reflects this trend. They promise imported sake, exotic foods to go with your booze and a very welcoming attitude. So this bar is often a chat room, a seminar hall and so much more.

Akaoni, Tokyo

When you take the old sake traditions and put a modern twist on it, you get Akaoni. The name translates to the red devil and if you are an amateur sake drinker, this place will kick your ass. They are pretty intense about their sake and quite a few of their spirits from their 100 varieties are super strong. They serve Namazake, a raw and unpurified version of sake and it’s one of their major attractions.

Decibel – NYC

This bar opened in the early 90’s to introduce sake to New York and they’ve been serving it for more than two decades now. They provide everything Asian and their food is tailor-made to compliment sakes. With a very Japanese mythical ambience, Decibel is where you head if you want to enjoy a homely, comfortable sake experience.