World’s Best Whisky Bars

Whisky is unarguably one of the best spirits, and it has fans all over the world. A true whisky fan can’t resist the temptation of a whisky bar and we know we’ve got quite a few whisky fanatics in our readers. So here are some of the coolest whisky bars you’ll ever lay foot in.

Seven Grand, Los Angeles

When a bar has a 17-page menu detailing in excess of 700 whiskies, you know they take the spirit quite seriously. They have a wall of whisky, and their regular crowd is made up of master distillers and brand ambassadors. Their best glass was a Macallan 55, which was $1200 a serve. Well, we can’t afford that, but we can definitely try something else.

Baxter Inn, Sydney

This bar holds 12th rank in the world’s 50 best bars list and they have a whisky section that can be accessed via an old-fashioned sliding ladder. The collection is incredible in terms of variety and exclusivity. Exuding modern speakeasy vibes, this is just a really good bar for anyone.

Lidkoeb, Copenhagen

Safely hidden in a spacious, secluded backyard of Vesterbro district, this place is a little hard to find. Started off as a modern cocktail bar, the owners sensed the need of the hour and turned it into something they describe as a ‘whisky lover’s wet dream’. With an attic bar with a fireplace and apothecary tables brimming with fine whiskies, this place is just stunning.

Boilermaker House, Melbourne

A top winner from the best new bar 2016 category at the Time Out awards, this place is all about serving delicious whiskies. They have Jack Scotti, the 2015 winner of world-class bartender of the year award, behind the bar and his original whisky recipes are all you need to fall in love with this place.

Whisky +Alement, Melbourne

There’s whisky in its name and every single person from their staff is a whisky expert. With a dimly lit, classy interior, this place stands out because they serve a few wonders of whiskies in here. They also a have a monthly, educational whisky tasting session, so if you consider yourself an aficionado, you better head here.