Sudden Death: 4 Bars That Bid Adieu To Mumbai In 2016

‘Loss’ in any form can be a difficult pill to digest, depending on the context of course. But what happens when your “once upon a time favorite drinking joint”, or “that bar that was just a stone’s throw away from my place”, shuts down? It fucking hurts. Here we bring you some gems and a ‘not so big a deal’ bar that Mumbai lost in 2016.


He Said She Said (Andheri West) – I avoided this place like the plague, but primarily because I didn’t feel like going beyond Jugheads.  When we finally walked in to this place, we didn’t go in expecting a lot, but damn were we pleasantly shocked! It had some of the best décor you’d have ever seen in an Andheri bar, and it had the trendiest of people coming in and out. But, like every good thing that gets taken away from Mumbai, this place shut down. Call it dry sales, or black money scandals – who knows these days. But this place, for a brief period of time, was amazing!


Blue Frogg (Lower Parel) – Why? *sobbing*. This place was doing so good! It was featured in papers, movies, and pretty much everywhere! It also had the perfect artsy vibe. Why did it have to shut down? The rent? Probably! The rent is so fucking expensive in Mumbai that restaurants and bars don’t stand a chance to do anything different, unique or interesting. But, you left too soon Blue Frogg. You were the mecca for the morons that maintained a 30% attendance rate in college – too cool for school, but always wanted to be around musicians and artists.


Villa 69 (Juhu Circle) – A classy place, but just never got their sales truly cracking. But Villa 69 was probably one of the best ‘chill vibe’ places with great Bollywood music. Also, some place that a family can go to to unwind and dine. But then, fate struck, like a mother fucker. And then this place decided to go belly-up after being in operation for quite a while. Kinda like a yo momma joke. It was fun and trendy for a while, but never really had a solid future.


Bora Bora (Juhu Beach) – This place just didn’t have it. They were expecting the elite Juhu crowd to stop by and enter with large pockets of money, but nobody wants to go bar hopping to a place filled with wet people coming out of a filthy beach. It didn’t quite have the kind of charm that could set it apart from the rest. Plus, after you drink at Bora Bora, what do you do? Walk around on Juhu beach? Hell naw! You just have to take a cab back home or go somewhere else that’s fun, or maybe fun-ner. That’s my precise concern about Fun Republic Social at Andheri. After a while, people will just stop going there.

Some things are just not meant to be. But, it’s not the end of the world. Happy Drinking!