5 Craft Beers That Are Named After Famous Personalities


There are so many different things that have inspired the brewing and naming of craft beers. It’s not surprising then that there are a bunch of craft beers out there that have been named after famous personalities around the world. I bet you weren’t aware of most of these.

Evil Twin Justin Blåbær 


This clearly seems more like a spoof than an ode to Justin Bieber, but it’s a real beer nonetheless. Brewed by Evil Twin Brewing in Brooklyn New York, the Justin Blåbær (yep, even I’m still figuring out how it’s pronounced), is a German styled ale brewed with blueberries! Blåbær is Blueberry in Danish, by the way. See how that just fit perfectly?

Bier Lemongrass Tyson


So happy that someone decided to brew a beer in honour of Neil deGrasse Tyson. The legendary astrophysicist makes his complex subject extremely interesting and fun; almost as fun as drinking beer. Recently released by Asheville Brewing Company in North Carolina, they’ve smartly labelled it as Bier Lemongrass Tyson, a Belgian wit beer brewed with lemongrass and coriander.

You Only Pope Once Pale Ale (YOPO)


This was a limited-edition beer which came out in 2015, but it deserves to be mentioned in this list purely for the thought and idea behind its brewing. Cape May Brewing Company based in New Jersey brewed 500 gallons of this hoppy pale ale in honour of Pope Francis, at the time of his visit to the United States in late 2015. That is some serious passion for not just brewing beer, but also some serious passion for the pope.

Beachwood Barrel Aged Jean-Quad Van Damme


Jean-Claude Van Damme deserves a beer named after him. Period. Brewed by Beachwood BBQ & Brewing in California USA, the name Quad is derived from the word ‘Quadrupel’ – a Belgian ale that’s way stronger than regular Belgian ales (ABV of 10% or more). The Jean-Quad Van Damme is a quadrupel that’s matured in bourbon barrels for a year, and fittingly packs in a “punch”. It’s inspired by one of the world’s favourite action hero’s after all.

Brewdog Elvis Juice


A Scottish brewery by the name of BrewDog is clearly inspired by the popularity of craft beer in the USA. They set up their own base in the States and after launching a beer named Columbus, they launched another beer after the evergreen American pop star Elvis Presley. Unfortunately, they ran into legal controversy with the name. All said and done, a beer in honour of the king of rock and roll is justified, and this American IPA is a fitting tribute.

Breweries in India must really take inspiration and bring some Indian celebrities to this list.