5 Insanely Strong Cocktails That Can Knock You Out In A Single Serving


While cocktails are generally associated with the breezy stuff that you drink before you consume the hard hitting stuff on a drunk night, there are some cocktails that are equivalent to multiple neat shots of whiskey, knocking you out much before you can even imagine. Here’s a list of 5 cocktails that are some of the strongest cocktails ever to be made:

The Zombie


The story goes that this cocktail was originally invented to cure a morning hangover. Turns out that the Zombie, or the Skull Puncher, as it is alternatively known, is a cocktail that’s meant to punch your skull and knock you out in the dead of the night. What makes this cocktail so bloody strong is the pre-dominance of three different kinds of rum (yes!), absinthe, liquers and fruit juices. This one is sure to rattle your brains to epic proportions.

Scorpion Bowl


This cocktail is devoid of real scorpions, but we’re pretty sure that it can sting you just as hard as those creatures. What makes this drink so strong is the essential requirement of at least two types of rum (dark and white), vodka, gin and grenadine. A shot of flaming 151 right at the end lends this cocktail that extra punch. That is some crazy alcoholic amalgamation! Over the years, the cocktail started being served in gigantic bowls, meant to be shared by multiple people at a time with long straws (yes, like a pitcher). This drink is ideal for a game of ‘Last Man Standing’.

Death in the Afternoon


If you’re a fan of Ernest Hemingway and his novels, well, you have another BIG reason to like him even more. Hemingway was so inspired by his own classic novel ‘Death in the Afternoon’, that he went ahead and invented a cocktail by the same name. Hemingway’s instructions were short and effective, much like his short stories. Absinthe and Champagne are the two protagonists and the only ingredients required to make this cocktail one of the strongest cocktails ever made. Hemingway wrote, ‘Pour one jigger absinthe into a champagne glass. Add iced champagne until it attains the proper opalescent milkiness. Drink three to five of these slowly.’

Aunt Roberta


Legend has it that this insanely strong drink was created by a daughter of a slave owner in the 1800s, named Roberta. Roberta was drawn into fleeing her rather brutal household, eventually landing her in the business of illicit alcohol. It is here that she conjured the drink which is a deadly concoction of brandy, absinthe, vodka, gin and blackberry liquor. When depressed customers would come to her, she would serve them this mixer-less drink to drive their sorrows away. That is some hard-hitting solution, and we’re sure it was effective!



We all know this classic Italian cocktail, but do we know that it is one of the strongest in the world? The Negroni is an overwhelming concoction of gin, campari and sweet vermouth, taking its overall alcohol content to almost 80 % ABV. Again, no place for mixers here, but the Negroni allows one non-alcoholic element in the form of an orange peel for garnish.