5 Irish Whiskeys That Are A Bang For Your Buck


Irish Whiskey is not as popular as Scotch and American Whiskey, even when it comes to India, the country that drinks the most amount of whiskey in the world. But there are some seriously good Irish Whiskeys out there that are great value for your money. If you’re a whiskey fan, you should definitely consider these.

Connemara Peated Single Malt Irish Whiskey


The thing with alcohol brewing is that some of the most seemingly bizarre ingredients form vital elements in the brewing process. ‘Peat’ is basically partially decayed vegetation, and barley is roasted in burnt peat in whiskey brewing to lend the smokiness to the whiskey. While most Scottish whiskeys are peated, this Irish whiskey is an unusually peated drink, making it a must try for whiskey connoisseurs. At 40% ABV, Connemara is more about its smoky character, rather than its alcohol strength. Value for money, alright!
Price: Approx INR 3,700

Bushmills Single Malt

Imagine whiskey that gives you a taste of vanilla, strawberry and honey? Yep, for drinkers who love their poison on the sweeter and lighter side, Bushmills Single Malt should be your choice of Irish Whiskey. The best part is that it still retains its ‘oaky’ characteristic since this whiskey is matured in bourbon oak barrels. Bushmills boasts of a warm, smooth texture and is definitely a bang for your buck.
Price: Approx INR 2,000



This had to make the cut simply because it is one of the most popular selling Irish Whiskeys in the world, if not the most popular. Unlike Scottish & American Whiskeys that are usually double distilled, Jameson is triple distilled (like most Irish whiskeys) which lends it its crisp flavour. It will overwhelm you with its malty and citrusy undertones. With touches of caramel, vanilla and fruit comprising the key flavours of this smooth drink, Jameson is unsurprisingly a universal favourite when it comes to Irish whiskey, even among Indian palates.
Price: Approx INR 1,900



What makes Paddy different from all its other Irish counterparts is its unusually large malt component. This bottle screams ‘malt’ right from the get-go, both through its aroma and also its flavour. While this may be the least attractive looking Irish whiskey compared to the ones included in this list, it’s also one that will appeal to all kinds of whiskey palates. With dashes of toffee and vanilla, this malty whiskey has what it takes to be included in your cart if you’re an Irish whiskey fan.
Price: Approx INR 1,800

The Wild Geese


Just look at that beautiful bottle! I think that alone should lure you into spending some of your hard earned money on it. While most Irish whiskeys are triple distilled, The Wild Geese gets its smooth finish after a double distillation process. What makes it rare is that it is a combination of single malt whiskey and Irish grain whiskey that’s matured in two separate bourbon barrels before being blended together. With 43% ABV, this is one of the stronger whiskeys on this list.
Price: Approx INR 1,800