5 Unique Gin And Tonic Recipes You Must Try


Gin and Tonic might not be everyone’s favourite drink out there, but it’s a must try for everyone who loves and appreciates good alcohol. Gin and Tonic is unique, wholesome and simplicity at its best. Here are 5 ways you can twist this drink and make it even better. Oh, just in case if you didn’t know, 1:3 is the popular proportion of gin and tonic water in this iconic cocktail.

The Parisian


Herbal gin is probably one of the most flavorful one out there. To accentuate it even further, add a tablespoon of elderflower liqueur in. Mix equal parts of Tonic water and champagne in it and tada, you have the most exotic Gin and Tonic.

Coolish Gin and Tonic


Get a gin with fresh cucumber notes and mix it with equal parts of flower flavoured gin. Add cucumber ribbons and a sprig of mint and tada, the most refreshing Gin and Tonic is here!

Classy G&T


Get an acidic gin which is vibrant, and add a tablespoon of sweet vermouth. A dash of bitters, two parts of Tonic water and some exotic berries give you the creme da le creme of G&T.

Smokey G&T


Get an intense juniper-heavy gin and top it with a super smokey classy whiskey, a dash of apricot liqueur and Tonic water. The portion of whiskey can be directly proportionate to your love for whiskey. Happy boozing!

The Fancy G&T


Mix a few herbs in water and boil it for a minute. Let it cool and then freeze them into ice cubes. Make a classic Gin and Tonic and add the ice cubes to it. Take slow and gradual sips. Each time, it will taste different. Is this what happiness tastes like?