A Sneak Peek Into 5 Drinking Cultures Around The World

While alcohol is a universally liked beverage, it’s fascinating how alcohol gets ingrained differently in different cultures around the world.

Italy: The next time you wish you could be re-born, consider Italy as your country of birth. The Italians not only consider alcohol as part of everyday culture, but initiate their children at a very young age into regularly drinking moderate amounts of alcohol. It is ingrained into their very concept of a family. The best part is that they’re a country with very minimal alcohol problems. No wonder the Italians are some of the smartest people on the planet.


The United States of America: One would imagine America to be one of the more sorted countries in the world when it comes to drinking. But no, there is a certain negative perception that the country has created for its citizens about alcohol. Alcohol is more often than not deemed to be a ‘problem’ in the States, and it has strong connotations with failure and struggling to cope with personal hurdles. Poor American teens.


Spain: Spain, like Italy, is also relatively chilled out when it comes to their culture around drinking. However, their normalcy around alcohol is restricted only to beer. Educational institutes in Spain generally offer beer to students, even below the age of 18 years. Like Italy, Spain has a culture where moderate drinking is considered a healthy practice, and is hardly ever discouraged.


Japan: There are many aspects to drinking in Japan, but one of the more significant ones is the country’s work culture having a strong connection with alcohol. Speaking to each other in office about topics other than work is discouraged, but drinking on the other hand is almost a pre-requisite feature on your CV if you want employment in Japan. Bosses love taking their teams out for post work drinking sessions to make up for the lack of personal communication in office. Sweet!


France: The French are my favourite on this particular list. Known to appreciate and savour the little nuances of life, the aperitif (a type of liquor consumed to open the appetite) is ingrained in France’s drinking culture. The French owe their enjoyable evenings, undoubtedly their best time of the day, to the aperitif. It’s almost like a ritual, an evening prayer if you may, for them. The French too are smart, and so they know how to drink their favorite alcohol in moderation.