Best Of 2017: Beers Of The Year

We already know that there are these incredible award ceremonies that honour the best spirits of the year and it would be just really careless of me to not mention the most awarded beers of the year. 2017 has been a fantastic year of brews and some crazy good labels have taken home their trophies. Here’s an insight to World Beer Awards 2017 and its winners:

Best Dark Beer

Fans call it the best brown they ever had. With lots and lots of brown sugar and a whopping 12 ABV, Novo Brazil Cookie Muncher took home the best dark beer award. Available all across the United States, this one should be on the bucket list of every beer lover.

Best Flavoured Beer

Flavoured beers from across breweries are taking over the alcohol industry and Iceland’s very own Surtur has taken home the best flavoured beer award. It’s the very unusual wood aged flavour that won this beer all the appreciation and the coveted award.

Best Pale Beer

All the pale beer fans out there, if you haven’t tried Cameron’s Where the Buffalo Roam Barleywine, you are missing out on life. So exquisite and unique that, this Canada beer is no less than a sensation and probably, the best pale beer of 2017.

Best Specialty Beer

Bright in red, this beer could be intimidating at the first meeting, but once you get to know this rye beer, you’ll never choose anything else. This Hook Norton Red Rye Beer took home the best specialty beer award and rightfully so.

Best Sour Beer:

It’s impossible to not have a German name in the best beer list and this one is completely unpronounceable. Rügener Insel-Brauerei GmbH took home the award for the best sour ale and you shouldn’t be surprised. This smooth beer with only 5.60 ABV has taken home several awards before including the best IPA in 2016. Congrats!