Boozy Basics: How To Drink Whisky Like A Pro

whisky is the drink of gentlemen. If you say you love whisky, that means more than ‘I like getting high quickly’. It means you understand your alcohol, appreciate it and have an acquired taste for this beautiful, seductive caramel toned beaut. So, if you say it just for the sake of it, you gotta stop. If you don’t intend to stop, here’s how you can drink whisky with the respect it deserves:

Understanding what you are drinking: Each whisky is different. Depending on the regions they come from and the process of ageing, they all come with starkly different aromas and flavours. Know what’s a poor selection, because you might drink a whisky that tastes like shit and make up your mind forever.

Optimum temperature: Whisky has optimum flavour when it is served at 15 to 17 Celsius. So, store it someplace cool, whip it out a while before serving and then pour it. You will taste the difference,

The right portion in the right vessel: It may sound snooty, but insisting that you will only drink from the right glassware is not a bad thing to do. Always remember, whisky tastes so much better in a rock glass if it’s on rocks and a tulip shaped glass if it’s neat.

Pour like a pro: Hold the bottle with hands and get a firm grip on it and then lower the bottle at an angle, and bring its top towards the glass.Carefully pour whisky, a bit slow if you want, so that it does not splash.Turn the bottle slightly, if it’s dripping. In case you are serving whisky with water or soda, first pour whisky into the glass, following with water or soda and then add ice cubes so that you could taste the evolution of whisky and ice.

To each their own: We believe in live and let live, so If you want to take whisky shots, we aren’t here to discourage you. But, if you are really there to enjoy the spirit,  pour 45 ml whisky into a top curved glass. Take a small sip of the drink and hold it in your mouth for few seconds before you swallow it. This way, you get to experience the mouthfeel. If you can’t take it neat, go for a coke or just ice cubes. Afterall, there’s nothing like bad whisky and coke.