Did You Know These Are World’s Best Selling Spirits


We all know what our respective favourite alcohol brands are or our group’s common choice. But have you ever thought of what the world’s favourite alcoholic drink is? No, it’s not Old Monk, or Budweiser or Hennessey! You will be surprised to see world’s top-selling spirit!

Jinro: Jinro, a ridiculously popular soju brand has been the best selling spirit globally for years now. Jinro sold about 72 million bottles all over the world in 2016. And with more than double the sales of its closest competitor, this brand is absolutely here to stay. You have to try this drink at least once to see what’s so special about it.


Officer’s Choice: Here’s a familiar drink, you all! Allied Blenders’ Officer’s Choice is the world’s largest whisky brand. It accounts for 40% of its native Indian market, and it’s been on the top for years in a row now. It’s quite a hit abroad too, so this brand is absolutely a force to be reckoned with.


Emperador: The world’s largest selling brandy brand, Emperador has been consistently on the top 3 best selling spirits list and unsurprisingly so! They sold over 30.5 million bottles all over the world in 2015 and that’s quite a significant number. Also, it’s a must try for brandy enthusiasts.


Smirnoff: Another popular choice makes it to the list. Smirnoff is probably the first choice of brand that comes to your mind when you think about vodka and with a global sale of 25.5 million, they are going strong. With innovative new additions to their collection such as Smirnoff Cider and Sourced, they are set to make a dent in the market


McDowell’s No. 1: Efficiently tapping a vibrant and dynamic Indian whisky contingent, McDowell’s has sold over 25.50 million bottles in 2016. Although India is their key market, their consistent attempts to penetrate the global market have seen some success.


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