Drinks Beneath The Sea: Underwater Bars You Need To Visit


Drinking by the beach is so mainstream. How about we go a little deeper? If you are a Thalassophile or just a marine life lover and if you live the ocean as much as we do, then congratulations, this list is about to take you deep below the sea. These underwater bars are probably the most surreal places you will ever drink in!

Ithaa, Maldives


Maldives is synonymous with beautiful, calm seashores and Ithaa is world’s first all glass underwater resto-bar. Located 16 feet below the sea, Ithaa serves everything exquisite about the sea from caviar to Maldivian lobsters. Sip on some of their in-house cocktails while taking in the 180 degree panoramic view of the sea above you.

Al Mahara, Dubai


This luxurious resto-bar takes things a notch higher and presents you with a floor to ceiling aquarium space. Al Mahara translates to ‘oyster cell’ and it definitely lives up to its name. Your budget’s going to go underwater with you too so be ready to pay for a bill worth your flight tickets to Dubai.

Aquarium Restaurant, Nashville


They have a range of specialty drinks, they have the best of salmon and clam in town and they have a real mermaid swimming behind the glass walls – talk about surreal dining and drinking. This place is relatively cheaper than others mentioned on this list, so this could actually be your first choice.

Sea, Maldives


Another treasure from the beautiful Maldives, this place is actually called Sea. The mirrored interiors makes this space stunning and their in-house sommelier is quite the stud, apparently. They also boast of a pretty solid wine cellar – what more can we ask for.

Cargo Hold, Durban


This resto-bar is housed inside a phantom ship, and celebrates the regional coastal ghost lore. Their prawn dishes are world-famous and go incredibly well with red wines. Imagine drinking in a really cool ship, the best of wines, with the best seafood Durban has to offer. Isn’t that wonderful?