Fantastical Bars And Where To Find Them

I owe my love for fantasy to Lord Of The Rings. It just takes you to a whole new world. So does alcohol. So what do you get when you put these together? You get this magical land of pure, absolute awesomeness and bliss. These following bars will transport you to a fantastical universe that you’ll never want to leave.

The Shire, Killarney, Ireland

This tops this list, because it tops my list. This hobbit friendly bar is where you go if you want to soak in some true Shire vibes. Start from Pony Inn, go through Mordor, and reach the fascinating Dragon-esque room. Still not impressed? Then try their Middle Earth Mojito and be amazed.

The Lockhart, Montreal and Toronto

Potions and elixirs at The Lockhart can intoxicate you or maybe, just get you a little tipsy. This Harry Potter’s superficial professor-inspired bar doesn’t have Butterbeer, but they do serve Better Beer that comes with a slice of toasted marshmallow and truly lives up to its name.

Looking Glass Cocktail Club, London

We all wanted to be a part of Wonderland while we were reading Alice’s adventures and this bar is here to fulfil our wishes. It’s a secret bar, by the way, go to Hackney Road venue, look for the giant mirror and a huge hidden bar opens up, just for you. It’s obviously candlelit (duh), also features a dominatrix-style lady actually whipping people’s butts. Talk about trippy.

Doctor Who Bar, Brooklyn

If you are an ardent fan of Doctor Who, this place is your mecca. This bar has its own TARDIS bathroom, their wallpapers are signed by both Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. They often have show screenings, apart from their regular karaoke. However, time really isn’t a solid concept in here. I would have been surprised if it was.

Callooh Callay Bar, London

When you step into this artistic little bar, the first room you enter is fairly small, but beautifully furnished, and always buzzing. Next to you will be a mahogany wardrobe. So, just imagine C.S. Lewis’ tales in your heart and go through it. There you’ll find cocktail Narnia, a bar that will make the child in you extremely happy. Also, the menu is super quirky!