Favourite Drinks Of American Presidents And What They Are Made Of


American presidential drama has given us enough entertainment and severe stress, pretty much every single time. Apart from that, there’s something else that intrigues me about American presidents. The fact that every single one of them had a favourite drink.  Here we rank American presidents’ go to alcoholic drinks.

 Barack Obama – Blue Hawaiian: Why you ask? Because this cocktail brings together those liquids that Obama loves as much as Biden, aged tequila and the cool blue waters. Blue Hawaiian is a mix of aged tequila, Curacao and fresh lime juice.


Ronald Reagan – California sparkling wine: This man was in the news all the time, ALL THE TIME. So it should come as no surprise that his fancy choice of alcohol, the exquisite sparkling wine,  was Introduced to Washingtonians at his first Inaugural.


Gerald R. Ford – Glenfiddich whisky: With ice, served while forming a bipartisanship, probably. He also was known for his liking towards Budweiser “longnecks” in the bottle, Wise choices, unlike his career.


Richard M. Nixon – Bacardi rum and coke: Probably because the classic, plain rum and Bacardi tasted a helluva lot better when served in the open, presidential yacht Sequoia. We envy that.


John F. Kennedy – Beefeater Martini up with olives: 60 ml Beefeater gin, 15 ml dry vermouth and 3 chile-stuffed olives, served regally in the lawns of White House, used to be Kennedy’s go to drink. You don’t probably have a lawn, but you can still have the martini.


Jimmy Carter – Alcohol-free white wine: Yes, quite shocking. So much that the media that covered white house affairs were left baffled for all four years because they kept serving it.


We thank Washington’s Round Robin Bar’s presidential menu for the information!