Five Food Items That Appear Totally Sober, But Aren’t

We love alcohol, that’s been established. But on some days, that love becomes intense, and you just need to have some in any way or form. It’s not your fault, alcohol just makes life ten times easier. Here are five edible goods that may appear completely harmless, but can get you super tipsy. Thank us later.

Boozy ice cream

After lunch, if you feela little worn out, you go grab a cup of ice cream. Except that this ice cream is spiked with your favourite liquor. Tipsy Scoop NYC started a trend and it’s catching on. They have a large variety of cocktail flavours that one can choose from. It’s alright if you don’t have access to a place like this, here are a few recipes that you can whip up at home.


A cookie, a midmeal snack that seems ‘oh so harmless and sweet’ can give you the kick you want. Thankfully, Amazon pantry offers a malt flavoured, German-made chocolate covered cookie that’s delicious and boozy. Get it here.


You can put your favourite IPA on top of a pizza now! Don’t get grossed out, it’s a beer infused spicy seasoning that we are talking about. There are a quite a few of these available online, but our favorite has to be Craft Spice Blends’ IPA Chilli Seasoning. It’s a combination of three hop varieties and the dominating flavour is cilantro. Get this gem here.


Caffeine is a life saviour for many. It keeps you going through tiring, long, boring days without passing out. We didn’t realise coffee could get better until we found liquor infused coffee. There are quite a few artisanal varieties like Black Powder Roasting, but our ultimate favourite has to be JD Coffee from the iconic Jack Daniel’s house. Time to brew your own coffee at work.

Whipped cream

You can have it with your morning coffee or just scoop it on a hot brownie and guess what? It’s one of the most convenient foods to sneak booze in. There are quite a few international gourmet brands offering boozy whipped cream, but India is lagging behind. So, we got you. All you need is a cup of heavy cream, two teaspoons of sugar and the same amount of alcohol. Tastes great and gets you drunk, that’s perfection.