How To Make Cheap White Wine Taste Better

Our love for white wine may seem like completely juvenile and newfound, but it’s very real. Somehow, most of us are unfortunate enough to find bad quality white wine (read cheap) pretty much everywhere. If by chance you do end up with a bottle of it, here’s what you can do to save the situation.

Freeze it : While over-chilling the wine isn’t something many would recommend, if your wine quality is really really terrible you should just definitely freeze it. This way most particles and aromas are locked and you can just keep convincing yourself that it’s white wine.

Add sparkling water: Add one part sparkling water to two parts of super cold white wine and tada, you have a light and refreshing cocktail. Nobody will ever know how shitty your wine actually was.

Pineapple wine, please: As ridiculous as it may sound, adding chunks of freshly cut pineapple will give it a very strong, overpowering flavour. It may not taste like aged oak barrel and lavenders like the label on the white wine bottle says, but it will make sure you don’t spit the cheap wine out. Also, a very tropical twist don’t you think?

Lemonade: Again, this may sound stupid, but it’s totally doable. Equal parts of white wine, lemonade, some crushed ice and a dash of sparkling water, this is a total winner. You should have known lemonade isn’t an ordinary drink when Queen B named an album after it.

Pomegranate: First of all, a bunch of pomegranate arils look extremely pretty in the bottom of a flute filled with white wine. Secondly, it starts to taste a lot better. Pull this trick on a romantic date. I assure you, you’re partner’s going to be impressed.