If Different Dance Forms Were Alcohol

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In a way, dance and alcohol are similar in the sense that they’re both channels through which you can express your inner emotions. This thought propelled the dancer and drinker in me to equate some of the most basic and popular dance forms with different types of alcoholic drinks.

Contemporary – Cocktail

Cocktails and Contemporary dance image for unsobered listicle on dance forms and alcoholContemporary as a dance form has evolved through centuries to become what it has today. It is also considered as a dance form that breaks all the traditional rules of ballet (the first and purest form of dance), with a variety of dance techniques under its umbrella. The story is quite similar to the cocktail, the origin of which can be traced back to the 18th century. Cocktails too broke the traditional way of consuming alcohol by mixing different types of alcohol in one drink. Both cocktails and contemporary dance are ever evolving and ever popular, and will always be in sync with the times.

Ballet – Wine

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Ballet is popularly perceived as the very first form of Western dance, tracing back to the 16th century. From being originally performed in the royal courts to being performed in opera houses today, a ballet act is an expensive and classy affair. Wine has seen a similar trajectory. While it is still debatable, the earliest form of alcohol fermented is believed to be wine, somewhere in 2000 BC. And we all know the elite image that wine carries. It is only fair then to equate ballet with wine.

Hip hop – Craft beer

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Hip hop was originally invented on the streets of USA, an organic and indigenous dance form in the truest sense. It started as an underground movement by African-American population in the inner-city. The story of hip-hop makes me want to equate craft beer with it. Apart from the ironic connection with the word ‘hop’, craft beer is also a truly organic form of beer which started brewing in the United States. The craft beer revolution is a movement in its own, and is catching on just as quickly as hip hop did. The similarities are uncanny.

Classic Jazz – Scotch

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Now this just feels like a natural fit. Imagine sipping scotch whilst watching a classical jazz act being performed on a classic jazz number. It just sounds right, doesn’t it? But over and above that, both jazz and scotch are similar because they’re both extremely sharp and precise in nature. Both have a very targeted posh audience, and both can blend in easily with other elements, think blended scotch whiskey.