Most Exclusive Alcohol Brands From Around The Globe

Admit it, our desire to have something is simply based on one thing: someone saying you can’t have it. We have all seen weirdly curious characters walking into haunted rooms and creepy houses, just because someone told them not to go there. The struggle is real, we know it’s dumb, but we want it anyway. So you can only imagine, how badly we want these following liquors, just because they are so rare:

Teeling Single Malt whiskey: A whiskey lover’s ultimate dream, world’s oldest Irish whiskey, Teeling is a beauty at 92 proof. What makes it even more desirable is the fact that there are only a thousand bottles of this treasure all over the world.

Littlemill 25-Year-Old Single Malt: Somehow the world can’t have too much of any good thing. Littlemill, the oldest distillery in Scotland, created only 250 bottles of their finest creation before they were destroyed in a massive fire. We don’t know how many of these are left, but if you ever get a chance to actually try this ever, don’t think twice. It’s an actual treasure.

Limited Edition

Bowmore 50 Years Old 1961 Vintage: Arguably, the rarest single malt of all time, there are only a handful of this exquisite drink. Priced at a whopping $23,000 (1468665 INR), this 50-year-old elixir comes with a solid silver neck collar and cork top, and housed in a custom Elmwood cabinet by master carpenter Peter Toaig. Classy, eh?

Casa Noble Alta Belleza: When a tiny bottle of tequila is priced at $1,200, it’s expected to be bloody special and Alta Belleza managed to do exactly that. In only 563 bottles, this stunner of a drink is aged for five years as an Extra Añejo (extra distilled) in French white oak barrels and then for 6 more months to get the perfect flavour.

Templeton Rye Special Reserve The Good Stuff (10th Anniversary): A limited anniversary edition whiskey, 101 proof levels, called as ‘The Good Stuff’. Do we have to say more? One of the highest rated whiskeys of this century by most spirit experts, Templeton Rye 10 Year The Good Stuff is what we like to call a rare beauty.