Long Is Better: Longest Bar Counters In The World


Bars are fun places to be. You could be enjoying alone time at a bar counter sipping on a glass of brandy or you can be with a bunch of buds having a little celebration, but the bar matters. It’s about the people, ambience and whole feel. So imagine throwing a huge party and you want to take everyone drinking, instead of sharing tables here and there at a bar, just head down to these super long bar counters that’ll fit you, your friends, your extended family and their friends.

Stills Bar, Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi is probably one of the most exotic Arab tourist destinations and one of their finest bars offers excellent European gastro-pub experience. And guess what? Their main bar is 85 feet long.

Infiniti Bar, Turks and Caicos


Imagine this, the coolest club in all of the Carribean, 90 feet long, leading to the clear ocean, serving the most amazing drinks. Infiniti at Grace Club is all of it and more. Go there for the view, and the drinks and everything else. It’s perfect.

Great Banking Hall, Torronto 


I have unconditional love for Canada. They appreciate their alcohol and the the Great Banking Hall is a perfect example. Canada used to be the hub of finance and this place used to be a teller counter. Today, it’s a bar counter that’s a 100 feet long. Best use of a counter, I must say.

Mildura Working Man’s Club, Australia


Pretty much an iconic landmark today, this Mildura-based bar used to hold the world record for the longest bar counter till 1995. Then their 299 feet long counter was cleared away to make space for poker machines and they had to give up their record. Poker and booze doesn’t seem like the greatest combination.

The Beer Barrel Saloon, Ohio


Arguably, the longest bar in the world, the Beer Barrel Saloon is 405 feet of pure Midwestern hospitality.They live up to their salon tag with funny wigs and cheery attire and their pretzel budget alone is adequate to run a dozen mini bars.